Friday, July 31, 2009

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake with reduced-sugar cream cheese frosting (for my pooks). :D yum-o!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cupcakes n Blogging :D

Doesn't get any better than this !

#1 FAN :D

"Reading at Barnes & Noble"

Can you believe he's 2??? :D

Orange Buttercream Cupcakes :D

Where to start ...these cupcakes are "orange buttercream cupcakes." The buttercream didn't come out as planned but it was okay. I stuffed ziplock bags with melting chocolate and piped the letters and hearts onto wax paper. As you can see I need a little more practice :D ...don't mind if I do!!!

My broken "L" :(

Friday, July 24, 2009


All I can say WOW! lol ...These beautiful-looking cupcakes are a "chocolate fudge cake" with a sweet cream cheese filling :D

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I just wanna say that I totally think these came out great...but of course I need to practice with my frosting techniques ...I know ...I know. :P This idea was inspired by bakerella's issue for Father's Day. She also made fries made from sugar cookies. Hers were awesome of course...maybe someday mine will be just as perfect!! :D

Peanutbuttercup Brownies :D

Talk about YUMMY!!!! These are peanut buttercup brownies. Thanks to Betty Crocker! :D These badboys were awesome!!! Totally recommend this recipe. Super easy!! 1 Box Brownie mix....prepare as usual then scoop into cupcake pan w/o paper liners. Then as soon as you see them finishing up in the oven...smash those peanutbutter cups in the middle and let them chill (heat in the oven for a little bit) and watch them melt away!!! :D UPDATE: saw them at "HEB"- everything you need in 1 box!!! except of course the asked for ingredients...maybe the reeces cups-not sure. But it even comes with the pan to bake it in - not sure what it's made out of ..but it looks awesome! When I try it I'll let you all in on the scoop! :D

Fondant Sugar Cookies

Ok, now these are sugar cookies with fondant decorations. The fondant is a homemade marshmallow fondant...very tasty. :D Of course, I just randomly made these faces...hey ..not all of us have perfect teeth! The "D" stands for Debbie, "A" Ameera and "L" of course for Laurie :D

Peanut Butter Cookies

These yummy cookies are peanut butter (obviously) dipped in chocolate and peanuts. Thank you bakerella for the idea! :D

Joshua age 2

My #1 Fan!!!! :D love you gordie.

TeddyBear Beach Party !

Ok, this is interesting. This is homemade buttercream frosting with frenchvanilla cake. Teddybear cookies dressed in bikinis and trunks floating around in a very small pool (lol) inside some gummy sour inner tubes :D --Also added a little grahm cracker crumbs as "sand." Of course I got this recipe from by fav blogger "bakerella" :D

Happy Birthday Dylan! :D

These cupcakes were made especially for my nephew Dylan who was turning the big 7!! :D He loves all sports but soccer in this moment. :D Anyway - Love you Dylan Happy Birthday!! :D ---It's supposed to be grass by the way.

Happy Birthday Tara!

The good thing about it is that they tasted awesome!! I don't even remember how many I ate that night ....but then again ....I don't think we remember much of anything about that night!!! LOL :D --love u Tara!!

I honestly can say that I need lots of practice working with pastry bags and tips. I have had so many mishaps...but practice makes perfect right? :D ---Happy Birthday Tara!!
Ok.....these are "cherry-chip" cupcakes with strawberry frosting :D They were cherry/strawberry-licious!!! They were especially made for Tara...for her Birthday. The flowers were made with mini-marshmallows and yellow sugar.

Butterpecan Cupcakes w/Buttercream Frosting!!!! :D

Just wanted you all to know that I love baking from scratch ...but when you see a boxed mix of "butterpecan" how could you not buy it?!?! :D Anyway....they came out wonderful as you can see ...of course when you pair them up with buttercream frosting !! YUMMM-OOO!!