Sunday, July 19, 2009

Peanutbuttercup Brownies :D

Talk about YUMMY!!!! These are peanut buttercup brownies. Thanks to Betty Crocker! :D These badboys were awesome!!! Totally recommend this recipe. Super easy!! 1 Box Brownie mix....prepare as usual then scoop into cupcake pan w/o paper liners. Then as soon as you see them finishing up in the oven...smash those peanutbutter cups in the middle and let them chill (heat in the oven for a little bit) and watch them melt away!!! :D UPDATE: saw them at "HEB"- everything you need in 1 box!!! except of course the asked for ingredients...maybe the reeces cups-not sure. But it even comes with the pan to bake it in - not sure what it's made out of ..but it looks awesome! When I try it I'll let you all in on the scoop! :D

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